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Best Search Systems and Digital Libraries for Students

Make Perfect Work with the Best Search Systems for Students

The main advantage of such services is a convenience. All the necessary information is in one place. It's enough to create a correct request and then select the right sources.

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●    Google Scholar

The system is like its relative Google's search giant. It finds information from any subject, time periods, and disciplines. You can use the search of two categories like Articles and Case law. But you can also find material by a keyword or a name. It quickly collects information in open access.

But, there are significant disadvantages too. First, all articles will be related to all kind of disciplines. Writing a paper on certain science will have to spend extra time to identify your field. Secondly, Google Scholar does not display access to the material. You never know if it's in full size or a brief annotation.

●    CiteSeerX

This is the first service among the databases to search for scientific information. The main reason why it was not closed in favor of Google Scholar is the specifics of the topics. The search engine is focused on publications related with IT sphere. It not only finds resources in free access but also serves as an electronic library. That is why, for the keywords here, you can often find and download publications in full size.

●    Microsoft Academic

It is a really good service. It is the only one focused not on keywords, but on a semantic search, that is, the content of the query. Also, it collects data about authors, organizations, publications and more. It is currently the most functional, though not the most popular one.

By the way, sometimes information is not enough for great work. Grammar, formatting, and plagiarism often seem small and insignificant nuances. But in fact, these moments can affect your result in the most unexpected way. You can ask for help of a skillful proofreader. Or, you can use a professional service providing advanced checking. Do not ignore the ability to make your assignment stands out.  

Online Libraries: How to Find the Necessary Literature

Online libraries are certain archives of books on the net. Today, the diversity of such sources is enormous. But, not all archives deserve attention. In order not to waste time, you need to decide what exactly you are looking for. We recommend using these places tested by time and quality.

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●    Taylor & Francis

The first thing that impresses is the amount of over 3.5 million publications. You are up to find dozens of free access sources for any query. For your convenience, all references to an author of a particular work will appear on a separate page. What is more, scientific diversity is remarkable too. Here you can find whatever science you want. There is large selection for social sciences students as well as for medicine or IT learners.

●    Oxford University Press

Starting from botany and ends with pedagogy, you are equal to do research of any fields. Besides, all sources have a different type of access. Any of document is available for reading or for sale. The extra advantage here is the ability to specify certain journals. This reduces the search box.
●    Project MUSE

The project is non-profit cooperation. It comprised of more than 60 publishers who wanted to make science more accessible. Books and articles from various magazines are available here. Every work can also include annotations and even reviews. The search is more detailed than in other libraries. The information is not only in English. There are many publications in French and Spanish, as well as in twenty other languages.

●    SAGE Journals

Another electronic library, which consists of materials from a separate publishing house. It publishes more than 500 different magazines, but most of them are in free access. You can find quite rare and interesting articles especially related to the humanities.

●    Cambridge University Press

Cambridge cares about easy access to science. It has articles from magazines for all releases. Not articles are available. But, if they already exist, you can view it, download and sent to mail or even an e-book. The site is convenient to use not only for search but also for proper quoting. All the necessary information is in the description of the materials.

●    Directory of Open Access Journals

It is another excellent system providing more than two million articles. If you do your research here, you will be certain about authenticity. The service presents only high-quality publications.  With free access, you can read, download, distribute, copy, print, and cite. Here you can find materials in many languages.   

Of course, we can continue the list of scientific sources further. And those will be enough to find information for every taste. The main thing is to understand what you are looking for.