How to Like Instagram Comments?

Instagram is one of the most frequently used apps. Almost every mobile phone user downloaded Instagram and still has it installed on their phones, since it is definitely one of the most important social media platforms available. Therefore, Instagram has 26.9 million users worldwide. Instagram is quite popular because it offers a lot of different things to do to its users. People clearly love doing these things since they spend hours on the platform. It is definitely a fun time-killer. 

Every day, users of the platform are sharing photos and videos. In Instagram Feed, you can see what your friends are sharing, or create content yourself and share with your followers. If your audience loves what you share, they can show their appreciation through giving your post a like, simply by double-tapping on it. 

Another way of showing what you think is writing a comment under the posts. Your followers can leave a comment about what do they think of your content under your photo or video. But the online interaction does not stop here. Did you know that you can also show your thankfulness by liking their comments? You heard right! To do so, simply tap on the little heart icon next to the comments that you want to like. You can also like the comments under someone else's posts. There are very funny viral comments out there. 

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In this article, we covered some basic info about Instagram. We mentioned how to like the comments on Instagram, a detail that everybody may not know about. Thank you so much for reading.