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Here’s What Cyclists Need to Know About Seeking Compensation for an Accident

As more and more people seek out affordable, healthy, and environmentally sustainable alternatives to fuel-powered vehicles, there are likewise a lot more cyclists out on the road than there were 20 years ago. That said, many motor vehicle drivers still remain uninformed or ignorant as to how to dive safely in the presence of a bicycle. Even specialized bike lanes can prove hazardous in the presence of a driver who acts aggressively or forgets to watch for cyclists while turning. 

Sadly, cyclists are particularly vulnerable to harm when sharing the road. While drivers of heavy vehicles are expected to be vigilant of cyclists and respectfully share the road, unfortunately, this is not the case. Should a driver act recklessly or negligently, a person on a bike is virtually defenseless against the weight of a metal structure weighing thousands of pounds, and even if they walk out physically unharmed, the mental trauma of a frightening incident can likewise continue to follow them for years to come. 

Not surprisingly, bike accidents that occur as a result of aggressive or negligent motorists are common, as are serious mental, emotional, and physical harm as a result of these incidents. Because cyclists are often left susceptible and exposed to the whims of drivers of much larger vehicles, even a seemingly small incident can result in very serious financial, psychological and physical harm. 

Reaching Out to a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Despite the fact that cycling accidents are incredibly common, there are a lot of California cyclists out who experience implications as the result of an incident caused by a driver and still don’t contact a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. 

So why is this? 

First, a lot of people can be intimidated by the process. This might be the first time that they have even been involved in an insurance claim, let alone facing the prospect of a court case or formal negotiation proceeding. 

At the same time, a lot of other people wonder if it is “worth it” to contact a vehicle, bike, or truck accident attorney in Los Angeles or the surrounding area. There are a lot of misleading misconceptions about the costs involved, and as such, many don’t even bother to find out more. 

Worse yet, a lot of people who end up experiencing negative consequences as a result of a bike accident don’t even realize that they may be eligible for compensation. Meanwhile, others may not believe that the negative consequences they have experienced as a result of a driver's negligence are not serious enough, or even mistakenly think that cyclists have no legal recourse in these types of events. 

This is unfortunate indeed because the fact is cycling incidents can be incredibly costly. These types of incidents can have long-lasting effects on both a person’s mental and physical health, resulting in lost work time and mounting medical costs that can be incredibly taxing when already dealing with the immediate aftermath of an incident. 

The good news is that making the choice to reach out to a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can be such a godsend in these types of circumstances. A Los Angeles car crash attorney understands the serious, mental, and physical effect that even a small occurrence can have on a cyclist's life and will ensure that they get the compensation that they both deserve and are entitled to. 

One vital thing that anybody who has been the victim of a cycling incident should always keep in mind is that if they don’t even bother to find out more, they will also never know what type of compensation they could be entitled to, so it is always a good idea to reach out to an accident or wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles to find out more. 

Deciding to Pursue a Case

Bike settlements are designed to cover the losses or costs that a person has suffered or incurred in an incident. In a legal context, these costs are referred to as damages. 

When most people think of damages, they think only of the economic damages. These types of damages are designed to cover the concrete physical costs of an incident, like medical bills, lost work hours, and the cost of replacing a bike. 

However, economic damages are not the only damages that a cyclist is entitled to claim for. There are also non-economic damages that must be taken into account, and these include those hidden costs of the psychological implications of an incident. For instance, many people who experience a traumatic event while riding their bicycle may find themselves afraid to get back on their bike. In addition, mental or physical harm may result in depression, or a person not being able to manage their day-to-day dealings as effectively as they once were. 

The bottom line is that cyclists are eligible to claim for all the negative effects that they have experienced as a result of an incident, not just the physical costs. The fact that many people mistakenly believe that they are only eligible for economic damages. Unfortunately, this type of faulty logic ends up deterring a lot of cyclists from contacting a car accident attorney in Los Angeles to find out more. 

For instance, they may reason that since their bike is not an expensive piece of property, seeking recourse is not worth their while, and as a result, many bikers end up unnecessarily incurring the physical, mental, emotional, and financial costs of their accident alone. 

The good news is that cyclists who have fallen victim to an automobile incident are by no means alone. A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles knows and understands that the myriad of ways that these types of events can affect a person’s life and will work incredibly hard to ensure they get just financial compensation for all the very real damages that they have experienced as a result of their cycling incident, not just the obvious financial costs. This is why it is so important for California cyclists who have been the victim of any kind bike incident to reach out and find out more about what they might be entitled to. It never hurts to understand more.