The Evolving Relationship Between AI And Agriculture

There is no getting around the fact that agriculture and farming is one of the oldest and most important sectors in all the world. Throughout human history, we have come a long way in relation to how we approach farming and crop growth, coming to the point of investing in multiple technologies to advance and heighten agricultural efforts and efficiency over time. Currently, agriculture is operating on its most efficient basis yet, and it is largely thanks to the investments in artificial intelligence and the slow but sure introduction of agricultural technologies – like artificial intelligence – into the mix.
The AI advancements in agriculture are getting bolder and smarter all the time. So much so, in fact, that the future of agriculture is definitively driven by AI capability and technological innovation. As global population continues to grow, and land becomes scarcer, we have had to become smarter and more creative about the ways that we approach agriculture. A global industry worth $5 trillion dollars, agriculture is now turning to AI advancements to help elevate its position going forward into a world that even now, continues to take more and more from Earth.

The evolution of agriculture

Over the years, agriculture has bloomed and flourished into the multi-trillion-dollar global empire that it is today. We have gotten smarter and more advanced about the way that we approach agriculture, and the result has been that the industry continues to elevate and expand all the time, becoming more creative and more impressive with every innovation to burst onto the scene. From the introduction of the worldwide web, where consumers can shop seeds or buy seeds, to the farms that continue to sprout food out of the ground every season, agriculture is the industry that keeps on giving. And now, it is an industry that is embracing AI capabilities with hopeful and open arms.

The Netherlands as a primary example

Take the current developments in the Netherlands, for example. In recent years, the developments in agriculturally-propelled AI have worked their magic by essentially boosting the Netherlands to the spot of the world’s second-biggest food exporter in all the world (the United States of America being the first). Through innovations like automation on farms and other AI-powered tech procedures and systems, the Netherlands is now in the position of having an agri-food export spot worth more than $100 billion – an incredible accomplishment that cannot be overstated.

The future of AI-driven agriculture

Going forward, the relationship between agriculture and AI is only set to continue expanding and elevating. Everything from virtual fences and robot workers, to stacked crop sets and exceedingly remarkable automation methods and models, agriculture is only going to get bolder and smarter. Further, innovations like 3D-printed food are current in the works, spelling a truly unbelievable future for agriculture in the not-so-distant future and onwards. Of all the industries where technological advancement has made an impact, this is perhaps one of – if not the – most worthwhile there is, and is ever likely to be.