Investing in Digital and Physical Assets in 2020

What are digital assets?

Digital assets include cryptocurrency which is designed to serve as an exchange medium in which person's coin ownership records are kept in a computerized database system using an encryption algorithm to protect transaction records, monitor the production of additional coins, and confirm the transfer of ownership of coins

 Why do we need to invest in digital assets?

The main advantage of investing in digital assets is the tremendous financial return associated with that. Digital assets will produce two-digit percentage returns on investors. For example, revenue from digital assets may be as high as 30 to 40 percent per annum.
Investment in digital assets provides a way of creating a passive revenue stream. Investors looking to be financially stable will benefit primarily from digital assets.

What are the physical assets?

Physical assets are tangible assets, having commercial or economic exchange value. They have a material existence, usually refer to properties, lands, gold, and silver.

Why do we need to invest in physical assets?

Gold is considered a healthy investment. If economies are in a recession, it is expected to serve as a safety net because the price of gold usually does not change with stock prices. Generally, clients turn to gold if there is fear on the market, and expect stock prices to fall.

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